Areas of application

Virtual twin for cost efficiency and sustainability

Our virtual twin is more than just a digital copy: Construction projects involve large investments and costs, which inevitably require seamless, long-term documentation. We accompany your project from the planning stage to its completion.

Changes, adjustments and challenges occur during and beyond the course of projects – especially large industrial construction projects. The virtual twin provides a comprehensive image of all construction phases and makes all measures traceable.

This way, follow-up costs can be avoided and necessary future changes and investments can be better calculated. The incorporation in different construction phases enables the regular comparison of plans with actual or as-built data. This provides certainty about the execution of the project and offers a solid basis for decision-making.

Immersive experience with 3D walkthrough

qapture's construction monitoring is more than just a digital construction diary. The virtual twin can be retrieved at any time, making the object always accessible to all participants.

The immersive experience with the 3D walkthrough does not require proprietary software. Therefore, the virtual twin can be used by all stakeholders from all areas. The created point clouds, panoramic photos and 3D images can be accessed via a browser-based viewer on any device. The origin of damages can also be traced directly in the viewer. Furthermore, tasks and information can be shared via the model to facilitate collaborative work. This way, qapture also ensures more sustainability in construction: Stakeholders do not have to travel to the construction site anymore, but can collaborate virtually –  companies and property developers save costs, energy and time.