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About us

Virtualize reality

Virtualize reality - qapture brings assets from the analog to the digital world. Our mission is to rethink and advance existing solutions in the field of reality capture. 

Using the latest technologies for laser scanning and robotics, we enable the transformation of environments into accurate and realistic digital and virtual twins. The main application areas here are construction, as-built recording and operations. The focus is on construction and revitalization, manufacturing and industrial facilities, and the creation of virtual experiences.

qapture is a visionary team of developers, project managers, mapping specialists, architects and strategists who are always open to new challenges. The regular transdisciplinary exchange with research labs, companies as well as students at our headquarters in the Open Innovation Center of the Linz Institute of Technology (LIT) provides additional support. We see individual requirements as an exciting task and potential for innovative solutions on the pulse of time and sustainability, which we develop together with our customers.

Mapping / Surveying

Digitization of environments in the highest level of detail using state-of-the-art scanners and the linking of image and laser data.

Digital Twin/ Digitization

Combined with real data and infopoints, we create your digital twin to virtually move through objects.

Pointclouds / Plans

Creation of customized point clouds and 2D and 3D CAD as-built plans based on the scan data.